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Lionis Attorneys at law offerings a extensive range of legal services to private and business clients. Established in 2004, the firm strives to ensure excellent legal advice, professional objectivity and steadfast professional relationships with clients.

The firm is diversified to include a full range of services to institutional clients, private companies, charities, businesses and professional partnerships.

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All Solicitors are registered with the Law Society of England & Wales.


Our firm’s approach to billing and fees is transparent and rests on the overriding principle of providing personal and individual services to each client, while maintaining the highest professional standards.

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Lionis Law encourages early and frank discussion of all billing issues and will (upon request) submit a proposed retainer agreement to be signed after careful consideration by the client.

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Member of the International Referral Network, the world's largest group of advisers, featured exclusively by practice area expertise, as it's exclusive Commercial Law expertise in Greece and the UK.

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Practicing Areas

Our business-focused attorneys are experienced working with companies in a range of industries.

Criminal Law

Our Solicitors combined have over 200 years experience in prosecution and dense of adults and juveniles who have been charged with a wide spectrum of crimes: everything from traffic tickets to capital murder.

Financial Law

Finance is another strong part of our legal expertise and we try to cater for both consumer and business needs and demands. We advise on a range of loan agreements and changes over property, and in particular on the constitution, validity and registration of security rights over property gained by individuals or enterprises.

Cyber Crime Law

Cyber crime is a relatively new and rapidly growing area of law. Too many people, and too many lawyers, think that cyber crimes are just like any other crimes. On the surface, there are similarities.

A fraud committed by a computer looks like a fraud committed by traditional means. The possession of child pornography on a computer looks like the possession of magazines containing child pornography. Just because they look the same, however, does not mean they are the same. Make no mistake, cyber crime is a completely new area of the law with its own laws. It involves new technology and new defenses. It involves concepts like “hacking,” the “deep web,” the “dark web,” “Botnet,” etc.

Without knowing what these things are and how they work, an attorney cannot mount a successful defense to the charges. Our cyber crime defense lawyers understand the impact federal charges can have on your reputation, career, and family. Our cyber crime defense attorneys are well-versed in working cyber crimes and understand the impact federal charges can have on your reputation, career, and family. Contact our firm for the assistance and support you need.

Real Estate Law

Property and Real Estate is an important area of our practice. The firm handles commercial and residential work, including all aspects of property transactions, construction law and property development projects, financing agreements, landlord and tenant disputes and overseas property.

Family Law

We offer legal advice relating both to the breakdown of marriage and to the resolution of problems relating to children, including residence, contact and specific parenting issues. Special attention is given to contentious and non-contentious separation and divorce proceedings together with their financial and tax implications, but our firm advises also on domestic violence disputes and the law of adoption.

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